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What is Cenforce 120 mg, tablet?

Buy Cenforce 120mg is a tablet used to treat sexual health problems in men. They usually appear in middle-aged and older men. Contains sildenafil citrate in a concentration of 120 mg. Initially, this medicine was only marketed in the United States for the same purpose and little by little it was also introduced in India.

What is Cenforce 120 mg medicine for?

The drug Cenforce 120 is primarily used to treat erectile dysfunction, a sexual health problem in men that prevents them from maintaining an erection suitable Cenforce d for sexual intercourse. Other than that, I can use it along with other medications for behavioral therapies. And even some people tend to use this drug to improve their sexual satisfaction even if they do not suffer from any problem.

Apart from that, this Cenforce 120mg can even improve arterial oxygenation in pulmonary hypertension and significantly improve exercise capacity. For these reasons, it is currently the drug of choice for pulmonary arterial hypertension.

How does Cenforce 120 mg work?

Sildenafil citrate, which is the main component of this medication, is a phosphodiesterase five inhibitor and selectively inhibits its activity. This causes an improvement in the action of nitrates in the cavernous bodies.

This improves blood supply to the penal area and strengthens the erection during sexual stimulation. This Buy Cenforce 200mg only works in men who have a libido, and men who have lost sexual desire or have erectile dysfunction due to a spinal injury will not benefit from this medication.

Cenforce 120 mg dosage

The doctor will only decide the dosage of this medicine and you are not supposed to make this decision yourself. It is generally taken Cenforce 150mg just before sexual intercourse. When taken by mouth, this medication reaches a maximum blood level of 40% in about 1 to 2 hours.

Missed dose

If you forget to take a dose of this Cenforce 120mg, take it as soon as you remember. If the next amount is close, leave the windows forgotten and begin following the Buy Cenforce 100mg initial dosing schedule. Do not double the amount at any cost and also do not take an overdose of the medicine as it can be very harmful.


Suppose the patient overdoses on this medication and symptoms such as gasping, hot flashes, and a prolonged, painful erection develop. Seek immediate Cenforce 50mg alert in case this happens.

Cenforce 120 mg Warnings and Precautions

Taking nitrates and this medication can cause a myocardial infarction and even a heart attack.
Do not take this medication until eight hours after stopping it.
Patients hypersensitive to this
Buy Cenforce FM 100mg should stop using it immediately; Signs of hypersensitivity include headache, flushing, dyspepsia, abnormal vision, nasal congestion, back pain, myalgia, nausea, dizziness, and rash.
Patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases should also use this medicine after careful consultation with a doctor.
Inform your doctor of all your past health problems and your Cenforce 120mg medication schedule to ensure medication safety and avoid unwanted drug interactions.

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